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Muskies are found in Ontario in most northern lakes including large water bodies. The Muskellunge (Esox) prefer cold water temperatures and clear lakes and rivers where they patrol weeds and floating plants waiting to ambush their prey.
This is the Bad Boy of Ontario waters. They resemble the northern pike with many similar features and species behaviour patterns.
Muskies will eat just about anything that will fit in their toothy mouth. They are partial to eating frogs, other fish, crawfish, water snakes, muskrats, small ducks, baby loons and other smaller furry critters. Their predatory instincts make this one interesting and typically hard fish to target as they are one of the moodiest in Ontario waters.
Because of their sheer gross size sport anglers covet a large musky and are known to go days searching for a trophy sized fish. Muskies are clever and finicky. Some fish will follow bait to the boat or shore many times over before deciding its time for lunch.
Being larger and more powerful than their cousins the northern pike they are best known for hard hits, long fights and great aerobatics above the water. Large lures are essential for landing a hugh muskie. Preferences are a personal choice to almost all musky anglers with each using a variety of large topwater lures, bucktails and sloftplastics. Large tackle is also encouraged with heavy line, heavy rod and reel and a good quality leader to prevent bite-offs. Average sized lures are around 8-26 inches and are readily found on many websites on the internet.
Average muskie sizes in Ontario range from 20 to 30 pounds.
More and more muskie anglers are now practicing catch and release strategies with muskies to ensure their survival and continual breeding in these unspoiled water.

Musky Tips For Beginners

How many times have you heard about or seen a Musky striking a smaller walleye or Northern Pike already hooked on an anglers line? These things happen frequently and it helps to have a keen eye on the size of the fish in the jaws of the Musky in this situation. Common knowledge dictates that larger lures generally catch larger fish. This can hold true when it comes to trophy sized muskie but at the same time don't put those smaller lures away just yet. Every lake and water body has its own unique characteristics so just because one type of bait didn't produce a fish doesn't mean it won't be effective on another Lake. Fish are as fickle as humans and tossing large baits all day with measured success isn't a sign that there are no fish. It's a sign that they are looking for something else. This is where a smaller lure presentation can come in handy. Just because your Bulldawg, Rumbler, Magnums, Suick, Believers or Spinner baits aren't productive at any given moment doesn't mean they won't work at all. Be patient and experiment.

Lakes are great places to cast out large lures. Just how large should be large? Above average works for us. Were talking Husky Jerk sizes and slightly larger in length and girth. One thing is for sure as many of us age gracefully is that over the years casting these larger lures can be physically demanding not to mention the effort required to fight a 30+ pound fish and then successfully release it. IOne of the easier and yet productive lures to entice large musky is still the inline bucktail, 1 to 2 ounce variations, single and double Colorado or willow blades and a good combination of colours can put you on to some very large fish, Not to mention they cast well and won't tear out your rotator cuff after 2-3 hours of fishing. Another trusted favorite for casting and using at various depths is the oversized spinnerbait. Bucktails once again with a good variety of blade choices and colours are a good starting point when stocking gear for a new tackle box. These lures vary in price and are generally less expensive than some of the larger body baits and you won't have to take a second mortgage on your house to obtain enough to get you started in Musky fishing. Picking the right lake, location, time of year and lure still doesn't mean you'll land that 50 incher. Stealth plays a huge factor when marking and sight fishing musky. While this doesn't mean you have to take a Special Forces survival course in stealth tactics you should be as quiet and invisible to the fish as possible. Boat control, wind direction, motor speed and your trolling motor can make or break a stealthy approach and anything less in most cases will send a large fish packing. Remember that noise travels even farther under water and if care isn't taken you'll be wasting time washing your lures. In waters where you know fish are suspended on shoals and drop offs I like to keep some distance and cast past the fish slight up current and letting the drift bring your bait into range causing a reaction strike in many cases. Sometimes when a fish gets surprised and see's the flash of your lure the predatory nature takes over and they will smash your lure. Also, don't be surprised if large Northern Pike find these lures and presentations appealing and boating 40+ inchers happen all the time when fishing for muskie.

Fishing for large muskies can be exhilarating yet frustrating but choosing a well known musky producing lake in the north west of Ontario can reduce the guessing and provide a fishing trip of a lifetime. Stay focused, stay patient and always be prepared. A trophy that will be talked about for generations can be just one cast away.


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