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Welcome To Our Northern Page

One of the most abundat and common sportfish. The mighty Northern Pike is a favorite among most anglers. Powerful, fast and streamlined. Northern will demolish a lure and head for the weeds. Noted for their great fight, it's not hard to see why Northern rank among the top 3 gamefish. Northern weighting in at 20's or more are common in most areas and 3 - 7 pounders are caught on a consistent basis by many fishermen.

Fishing Tips

A Northerns favorite habitat is around lily pads and weeds where it's color makes for great camo while ambushing smaller fish and prey. Fall/autumn is premier time for pike Northern.

Northern consume three to four times it's weight during the course of the year. They ambush prey from weedy cover, sizing fish with needlelike teeth. Centrating their efforts on larger prey, they often swallow fish a third their own length.

Large Northern are easy located in most lake and rivers year round. In cold water conditions during the spring and fall, Northern will relate to the shallows, seeking cover along shorelines weedy bays, neck-down between island and rocky points and structure. Being 'cold water' creatures, they will migrate to deeper waters, hiding in sucken weed beds, close to drop-offs, or on the edges of reefs during the summer months into early autumn.

What to Use

An appetite of a giant allows anglers probably one of the best selections of lures any fish species.

Some anglers complain that they spend more time selecting a lure than they do casting because of the variety.. Here ia our short lst of wat a Northern will hit on.

Spoons -

Huge varieties of colours and sizes have landed many Northern. Spinnerbaits- Invented for the bass fisherman, Northern have an appetite from different sizes and colours Companies are now making specially Northern spinnerbaits in a variety of increased sizes. Inline Spinners- Nothing has landed more Northern than an inline spinner. From Mepps#4's and 5's to custom make spinners with bucktails they remain the king of lures in all types of water types. Soft Plastics- Huge success in the past few years has been made with the reation of thousands of soft plastic lures. High quality jigs with these new worms, shads, crawdads and lizards have produced many a northern of respectable size. They also easy t fish weedless with single hook rigged. Topwater Jerkbaits- Nothig beats the appeal of a large Northern demolishing a topwater jerkbait. the lure market has also rewarded the Northern fishman with one of the largest selection of topwater lures in the past years. Crankbaits- By using a variation of topwater, sinking, supending and diveing crankbaits in different water conditions you are guaranteed to increase your catch rate. Bucktail Spinners- Prefred by musky anglers, Northern fisher man have these lures and are finding them to be the 'Go To" lure when all else fails. Selecting a busktail with a huge colorado or willow blade have proved to be very successful.

Fishing Guides

Our guides will take care of all the boating needs, prior to taking you to the hot fishing spots. Around noon,your guide will clean your freshly caught fish and prepare them with all the trimmings for the most satisfying shore lunch you have ever experienced. If you are taking fish home, your guide will clean, wrap and freeze your fish.

Black Bear Hunts

Spring or Fall Bear for 2020

Hunting package, includes, all meals, lodging ,boat, motor, guide, baiting and handling of the hide plus the fishing package and tax.

There will be NO discounts for early departures. You must pay for the plan and days you reserved .

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