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Welcome To The Walleye Page

One of the most sought after fish species. Know for it's great taste and fickleness for the catch is the Walleye. Also famous for the best time of day for catching them, is early morning and evening.

Know for it's oversize eyes (for night feeding), Walleye usally travel in schools while out feeding. They are found in stained waters at shallow depth or clear waters at deep depth. Considered a cool water species they are commonly found at the bottom in most seasons.

Riggin and jigging , livebait and poping plugs are favorites among Walleye anglers although solf plastics have make some major headway in the last few years offing up an even wider lure selection.

Walleye are probably the most heavily fished species and are regulated with the MNR. Do your part to ensure the walleye population grows and your regulations before you go on the water.There has been a growing grassroots wave in the past few years promoting catch and release for Walleye population in order to bring it's numbers back up.

Fishing Tips

Males Walleyes usually reach maturity at the 3rd or 4th year of their lifespan with females 1 year later. Growth rates often vary by location. Females generally span when water temperatures reach 6 to 10 degrees C and can produce up to half a millin eggs. many lakes and rivers have new slot size restrictins on Walleye to ensure healthy females are returned to span once again thus keeping the Walleye population vibrant and sustainable. With this new slot size one should not be discouraged as many of these lakes will produce sizes that are within limits allowing you to enjoy your shore lunch while at the same time ensuring the future anglers will have the same amazing experience that you did.

Primarily a baitfish feeder, there are endless possibilities and lure combinations that prove effective for catching walleye. The most popular and time tested presentation has to be the standard jig sporting soft plastic grubs and shads in various colors and sizes. After the span many Walleye will be on the prowl for an easy meal and will take jigs baited with grubs, minnows and worms. Once post-span walleye return to the depths many anglers will use a variety of crank baits and minnoes lures that resemble the Walleye's primany baitfish of perch and shiners. Live bait is a proven tactic that consistently puts fish in the boat and various sizes of minows, worms, and leeches trolled or retrieved at slow speed proves to be extremely effective.

Walleye are active year rond and anglers fish spring, autumn and winter in pursuitof old 'Marble Eyes'.During the summer months after the spring spawn has occurred Walleyes generally migrate back to deeper water where the temperatures are much more tolerant for them. During the hoter temperatures of the summer months Walleye will situate in deeper areas and structure. Adjusting your depth is important in locating them in the summer months but many of the same tactic and presentations still apply. The autumn months prove to be the most pleasurable time of the year to fish Walleye. As the seasons slowly change and the forests come alive with mother natures'brillant colors Walleye anglers head for yet deeper waters and employ tactics such as trolling and bottom bouncing in search of the schoolinf walleye. Walleye jigs presented at various depth are also a great way to catch your limit. At this time of the year the Walleye are very active as their natural biological clock is instructing them to stock up on forage for the long winter months ahead.

Fishing Guides

Our guides will take care of all the boating needs, prior to taking you to the hot fishing spots. Around noon,your guide will clean your freshly caught fish and prepare them with all the trimmings for the most satisfying shore lunch you have ever experienced. If you are taking fish home, your guide will clean, wrap and freeze your fish.

Black Bear Hunts

Spring or Fall Bear for 2020

Hunting package, includes, all meals, lodging ,boat, motor, guide, baiting and handling of the hide plus the fishing package and tax.

There will be NO discounts for early departures. You must pay for the plan and days you reserved .

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