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Ontario is a unique fishing Canadian province that brings 4 seasonal fishing opportunities for the recreational and progessional angler.With its awe inspiring beauty and vast size Ontario is truly a fishermans dream location.
Ontarios four different weather seasons offer a diverse angling experience year round. Planning a trip in the near future? Ensure that yourgear is properly packed with clothes and equipment to match the season.
The seasonal differences in Ontario can be summed up in four areas. Let us discuss each season:

Winter - December to Mid March
Ontario winters are generally cold with variances from location to location. In the general snowbelt regions Ontario offersendless ice fishing opportunites as frozen lakes dot the landscape and fish huts go into prime locations.

Southern Ontario is generally the warmest in the provnice with temps ranging from below 0 degrees Celcius to averages of -10 degrees C to -20 degrees C.

Farther north temperatures can be classified as moderate to extreme as night temps can drop to below -25 degrees C. Extreme cold is the norm in these areas and suitable clothing should be worn.

With the extreme cold comes a much longer ice fishing season in these northern regions. It is not uncommon for the ice to break and move out as late as May.

Travelling to Ontario in the winter months? Ensure that you bring a heavy winter parka, snowsuit or insulated coveralls, waterproof goretex gloves with seperate inner linings and warm hats. Confortable footwear should also be considered and it is advised to bring 2 pairs. Wool socks are also essential as these perform better in colder climates. It is important to layer your clothing in the winter months.

Spring - Late March to Late May

As the cold arctic air slowly moves out and is replaced by the warmer westerly breezes spring in Ontario is one of the best times for an overall fishing experience. With the ground slowly warming and the lakes and rivers gradually rising from increased rainfall the average temps range from +5 degrees C to + 20 degrees C.

Evening and night temperatures can hover around the freezing mark and remain close to the freezinf mark in more northern locations. Suitable clothing for spring are medium coats, windbreakers, sweaters, nylon or cargo pants, hiking boots and waterproof footwear.

Summer - Mid June to Mid September
One word can sum up all of Ontario's beauty and colour in the fall months. Glorious! With the heat of the summer slowly passing comes the 'Fall Bite'. Experienced Ontario anglers will all agree that the autumn season brings the best fishing of all the seasons. Enjoy the spectacular fiery colours with the splendor of a cool crisp lake. Appropriate clothing for fall are long pants and medium jackets. Hevier clothing is advised for the more northern regions of the province as night time temps can dip down around the freezing point.


Autumn - Mid September to November
The slow warming of the spring months brings the joyous season of Summer. This is the most popular season for Ontario anglers. Summer is the warmest part of the Ontario weather cycle with temps ranging from 15 degrees C to 35 degrees C. The normal daytime temperatures for many parts of the province are around 20 degrees C. Gear and clothing should consist of shorts, short sleeve shirts, sweaters, sandals or comfortable shoes and proper rainwear. For many travelling to the northern regions it is advisable to bring bug repellent or netting. As the sun during the days can produce high temps and UV levels a sun and UV protection of 20SPF or more is recommended.

Ontario Weather Resources.
As always it is essential to plan for your trip or your day out on the water. There are many readily accessable resources online that offer daily and advanced weather forecasts for every region of the province. With this in mind it is also noted that many weather resources will post weather watches or warnings for specific areas and that these should be monitored closely before heading out.

Environment Canada

Is the top national provider of weather information accross the country and provide indepth forecasting for all areas of Canada.


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Hunting package, includes, all meals, lodging ,boat, motor, guide, baiting and handling of the hide plus the fishing package and tax.

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